“Words to Write By” Prompt #4

Hello fellow writers, it is Thursday once again and that means it is time for Words to Write By! I will list 10 random words and it is your job to chose at least 5 of them to write a poem, a story, a journal entry or use them to inspire a piece of art […]

Poetry Prompt Wednesday #4

Happy Wednesday, fellow writers. It is poeming time! For today’s prompt, use your favorite song title as the title for your poem and then write your own poem from it. Use the song as a springboard for your emotions. As an added kick, include a Youtube video of the song you chose so others can […]

Tuesday’s Photo Prompt #2

Greetings, Fellow Writers! I hope you all survived Monday and you are ready now for the rest of the week. Today’s prompt is a photo prompt (I will be alternating every other Tuesday with a photo or music video). Just a few rules: Use the photo above to write a poem, a story, a journal […]

Journal Monday Prompt #3

Good Monday morning, fellow writers! I hope your weekend was spectacluar! And I hope you are once again ready for a new journal writing prompt. For today’s prompt, write about a time when you felt completely alone. Describe your feelings in rich details. Use your interrogatives: who, what, where, when and how. Perhaps even include […]

Inspirational Sunday Prompt #3

Blessed Sunday, fellow writers! Today’s prompt will be an inspirational quote. Just a few rules! Use the quote to create a poem, journal entry, short story or even an art piece, maybe take a photograph… let your imagination soar! You can post your work in the comments below or on your own blog. If you […]

Literary Saturday Prompt #3

For today’s prompting, I will give a literary quote from an author, poet, historian or other. Your job is to come up with a poem, story, journal entry, or perhaps a drawing or photo that evokes the emotions that you get from the quote. “The companions of our childhood always possess a certain power over […]

Fiction Friday Prompt #3

It’s Friday again! I hope everyone had a great week. It’s time for a Fiction Friday prompt. This week, write a scene with a basketball player and an aged beauty queen set in a colonial mansion. Think deep south. Keep the scene between 500-1000 words. You can post your work in the comments below or […]

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