Blogging from the Grave

Originally posted on Linda G. Hill:
Okay, my friends, I need your opinion on something. It’s a tough one. I fully expect some of you may even unfollow me over this. Honestly, as I read this over I’m not even sure whether or not to post it. But it’s been bugging me… My current conundrum…

some stars

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Some Stars These are amazing, each Fleeting with the light of each other As a performance in the night Arranged by chance Floating like trees in morning To meet as far as the eyes can see As far as things can travel Exploding to tell us that ii Life is…

JusJoJan Day One — On Reading

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JusJoJan2015 The first 10 days are about reading… For me, reading has always been my escape. I was picked on and taunted a lot as a child, the victim of bullying and have always been an introvert. Reading allowed me to forget about those things, to traverse the worlds of…

Just Jot It January 2015

Originally posted on Linda G. Hill:
The premise of Just Jot It January is simple – jot something down, anywhere you like, every day in January. It was a concept I came up with last year in a fit of desperation, really, to keep up my writing momentum of November’s NaNoWriMo and the now-defunct “Every…

Guest Post: 5 Tips on Writing Dialog

Excellent tips

Copyright Infringement: A Warning to all Authors

Originally posted on blindoggbooks:
I would like to share a letter sent to me by a fellow independent author, who wishes to remain anonymous, about a website claiming to be promoting independent authors, when in reality it appears that they are offering free downloads of the work of dozens of us. If you are an…

Revisiting The Bell Jar

It was 32 years ago when I first read Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar. I was 16, young and impressionable, and not yet consumed by the mental illness that would over-take me in my mid-20s. I suffered from mild depression then, so I was able to easily identify with Esther. I didn’t understand the issues […]

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