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What Is A Mary Sue?

Wonderful article! Spot these Mary Sue’s in your own work or fiction you enjoy.

Zen and the Art of Reality Bending

If you’ve never heard the literary term, “Mary Sue” then you better keep reading. The Mary Sue has been around for about 40 years, but from my experience, older writers have never heard of it, though it’s a well-known term with younger generations. A Mary Sue is one of the worst crimes in fiction, yet it is incredibly common. Often books and movies are produced that contain these monstrosities, and to those that know better, they are easy to spot.

A Mary Sue, in definition, is an idealized character. Often they are seen as an author insert into the story, meaning they are a reflection of who the author wishes they could be. Yes, this applies to male characters as well, which are often have the first names of Gary or Marty and the last name of Sue or Stu. I just call them all Sues, as in, “I think…

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