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Word of the day – sight, site, cite

I’ve never even considered “cite”… I’ve been using the wrong word for a long time now! *scratches head*


Even lawyers goof this up:

What a cite to see Arizona’s immigration law sited on so many web sights.

A lawyer friend of mine who also happens to be an accomplished writer got this one wrong the other day, so obviously it is the source of some confusion.

English is a robust, mongrelized and sometimes downright larcenous language where words pop into common expression overnight. Perhaps the most confusing (particularly for foreign speakers) is the heterographs, words that sound the same but have a different spelling and meaning. An example would be rowed, road and rode

So here’s the skinny on our friends cite, sight and site:

Site: A site is a place, like the construction site, school site and of late, web site. After falling into the pit of government jargon, it has morphed into a verb that also means to decide where to put something, as in…

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