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Five Minute Poetry

Originally posted on The Heart of Writing:
Here’s a quick poetry exercise to try: Pick a colour and delve into it, describe where it takes you, what you associate this colour with, what it feels like, tastes like, sounds like and looks like. But don’t describe the colour. Here’s one of mine (the title is…

Writer Wednesday: 3 Ways to Build Suspense

Originally posted on Erin E. M. Hatton:
Ever read a book that kept you hanging on till the last page, unable to put it down?  Ever read one that didn’t? What made the difference?  Why did you lose interest in that one book?  Why did you forget about everything else while you read the other?…

Solving the Plot Puzzle & Plotting a Sequel

Originally posted on Zen and the Art of Reality Bending:
Plotting is like a jigsaw puzzle, which you know if you’ve ever done it. But if you’ve never plotted before, and want to know how I do it, here’s the basics: Step One: Figure out who your characters are and what their internal/external goal is.…

Daily Inspiration #14

Pretty cool prompt! Has the imagination pumpin’

Word of the day – who and that

Originally posted on
Who’s a who and what’s a that? Who that? A common word mix-up occurs in the “X (who) (that) did Y” construction. This should be an easy one: Who refers to people and that refers to things. The error generally is made using that to refer to people, as in “Smith was…

The Best of My Bookshelf: Books on Writing

Originally posted on Zen and the Art of Reality Bending:
I have quite a library of writing books, some that I’ve only touched once, and others that I constantly reference and recommend to others. I’m going to attempt to recommend these to you based on what is most useful in them. From musings of various…

Kurt Vonnegut on Writing Stories

Wonderful to see and hear Kurt Vonnegut.. great tips too!

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